As a company, we envision with you a tomorrow built on the beauty of concrete structures and we aim to help you realize that potential. This is why we provide the best parts and services for the top branded Concrete Pumps, Batching Plants and Transit Mixers that operate in the region.

Gear Box
Internal Screw
Bin Aerators
Electric Vibrator

Power Flow Euro plus Concrete Delivery Pipes meet diverse demands of GCC climate resulting from their particular concrete use, the medium to be conveyed and the connected pump.


Application: Steel cord hose used for placement of concrete at construction sites; it is used at the end of the pumps to distribute the concrete, transport concrete and piling. The hose resists suctioning during the cleaning process.


We have the solutions and expertise that you need when hydraulic systems for your construction operations equipment require maintenance, repair or need to be replaced. Construction operations of all sizes rely on these components and systems to operate at maximum efficiency, which limits downtime and keeps productivity high.

Hydraulics are found everywhere in small and large-scale construction applications, including:



Hyundai, manufactured by the renowned Hyundai Sungwoo Solite Co Ltd, are highly reliable automotive batteries. The internal rust-free calcium metal provides excellent heat resistance and strong protection against any drastic temperature changes. It is a maintenance-free product that needs no refilling of the electrolyte solutions.


We have the service provider for all types of traction batteries for Electric Forklift, We deal in European products and our aim is to provide OEM quality products to our end users.

Our vision is to be leading “One Stop shop Battery solution” provider for the UAE and Middle east market for all the Material handling Equipment on Traction Batteries




Every workshop or garage needs its own set of power tools. These tools will enable your projects to get done faster and with more precision. Regardless of whether your need is for a circular saw that efficiently slices through wood for a carpentry task or a electric screwdriver that is being used to put together a newly-purchased flat-packed furniture set, we have the best branded tools with a wide range of models that will meet your expectations.

Various Options

These tools that are convenient and comfortable to use are available in cordless or corded power options. The great advantage of cordless power tools is that they give you freedom of movement while working. Some of these models also come with inbuilt LED lights, which make them ideal when working in tight, dark corners and cordless tools are also very convenient for usage at job sites that lack power outlets. The advancements in battery technology, especially with the introduction of Lithium-Ion batteries, make these tools lighter. These batteries are also have speedy charging capabilities and retain their charge longer.


We have been a trusted provider of industrial Power tools, DIY applications and Accessories. Our product portfolio is designed to generate and supply a broad selection of industrial tools for our clients in the Ship Building, Engineering, Heavy Transport, Oil & Gas, Offshore Industries, Construction, Civil Contractor , MEP, Fabricator , Fitout and Interior companies.

We have the best industrial supplies such as power tools, Garage Equipment, Compressors, Hand tools, Adhesives.


We have collaborated with the World’s Biggest Battery Manufacturers to offer their customers the top battery solutions.

Our primary battery supplies in Europe are US Battery, Deep Cycle batteries, AWP Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, Automotive Batteries, Power Batteries, Stationary Batteries, Block Batteries.

It’s extremely difficult to imagine life without electricity. This makes it all the more important to have a powerful emergency power supply that you can rely on, in the event of power failures and malfunctions.

Features :



In order to ensure an efficient value chain, we need system-based automation in which all components are perfectly coordinated. Siemens offers the integrated Digital Enterprise portfolio for a broad spectrum of textile applications.

Machines involving fiber/yarn/thread production

Woollen Mill Machines
Thread Winding Machines
Bleaching/Dyeing Machines